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4 Short Stories on Iraq
UK/Iran , 2004, 48', dir. Maziar Bahari
Iraq before and after Saddam Hussein

A Country A Time A Man
Turkey, 2004, 42', dir. Huseyin Karabey
A missing Kurdish trade union activist

A Day in the People’s Republic of Poland
Poland, 2005, 57', dir. Maciej Drygas
Thursday, September 27, 1962, in the People’s Republic of Poland

A Decent Factory
Finland/France , 2004, 79', dir. Thomas Balmès
Nokia business control staff in a factory supplier’s plant

A life of An Agent
Hungary, 2004, 82', dir. Gábor Zsigmond Peapp
Instruction films for secret services from Hungary’s Interior Ministry, 1958-1988

A Postcard from Kosovo
Poland, 2005, 21', dir. Esat Fejza
Searching for the missing in Kosovo

Russia, 2005, 35', dir. Marianna Jarovskaya
Veterans of the Russian wars in Afghanistan and Chechnya

Armenian Genocide
France, 2005, 52', dir. Laurence Jourdan
The Armenian massacre during World War I

Belarussian Decameron
Belarus, 2003, 90', dir. Wiktor Daszuk
Four novellas – Belarus shown through the stories of women

France, 2005, 100', dir. Guillaume Moscovitz
The Nazi German death camp

Borderline – The Peaple vs. Eunice Baker
USA, 2004, 80', dir. Sławomir Grunberg
The mentally disabled Eunice Baker before the American court

The Netherlands, 2005, 52', dir. Klaartje Quirijns
Arms trafficking – the Albanian liaison in New York

Bykov – Nostalgia
Belarus, 2005, 75', dir. Wiktor Daszuk
Vasil Bykov –Byelorussian author and dissident

Chemistry Byelorussian Style
Russia, 2005, 47', dir. Wiktor Fanajłow
Freedom of speech violations in Belarus

Children of Beslan
UK, 2005, 60', dir. Ewa Ewart, Leslie Woodhead
Accounts of children who survived the Beslan school raid

Citizen King
USA, 2004, 110', dir. Orlando Bagwell, W. Noland Walker
The five last years of the life of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Coca, The Dove from Chechnya
Switzerland, 2005, 86', dir. Eric Bergkraut
Zainap Gashajeva documents human rights violations in Chechnya

Darfur: Crime Without Punishment
UK, 2004, 59', dir. Hilary Andersson
The tragedy of western Sudan

Dwarfs Go to Ukraine
Poland, 2005, 55', dir. Mirosław Dembiński
Major Fydrych’s dwarfs support the Orange Revolution

Earth Promised Sky
France, 2003, 52', dir. Sabina Subasic
Searching for the missing after the Bosnian war

El Perro Negro – Stories from the Spanish Civil War
The Netherlands, 2005, 84', dir. Péter Forgács
Amateur film footage from the Spanish Civil War

From the Auschwitz Chronicles
Poland, 2004, 127', dir. Michał Bukojemski
The death camp – a penal assembly, the camp orchestra, the loading ramp, love, Sonderkommando

Grissinopoli – Bread Stickville
Argentina , 2004, 80', dir. Dario Doria
Workers attempt to revive a bankrupt factory in Buenos Aires

Hear My Cry
Poland, 1991, 46', dir. Maciej Drygas
Ryszard Siwiec set himself ablaze in protest of the intervention in Czechoslovakia in 1968

How Putin Came to Power
UK, 2005, 52', dir. Tania Rachmanowa
The former KGB officer’s path to the Russian presidency

Humanitarian Action and Cinema, ICRC Films in the 1920s
Switzerland, 1921, 127', dir. wielu autorów / many authors
The oldest films about humanitarian action, restored in 2005

Humanitarian Action and Cinema, ICRC Films in the 1920s - part I
Switzerland, 1921, 127', dir. wielu autorów/many authors

Humanitarian Action and Cinema, ICRC Films in the 1920s - part II
Switzerland, 1921, 127', dir. autorów/many authors

Irreversible Fate - Larysa Bogoraz
Russia, 1998, 39', dir. Sergiej Niekipielow
Larisa Bogoraz, a legend of the human rights movement in the USSR and Russia

Liberia: An Uncivil War
USA, 2004, 102', dir. Jonathan Stack, James Brabazon
The Liberian civil war seen from both sides of the conflict

Life in Peace
Russia/Switzerland, 2004, 45', dir. Antoine Cattin, Pavel Kostomarow
Father and son leave Chechnya and settle down in the heart of Russia

Lora – Testimonies
Croatia , 2004, 65', dir. Nenad Puhovski
Former inmates of the military prison in Split speak out

Lost Children
Germany, 2005, 97', dir. Ali Samadi Ahadi, Oliver Stoltz
Runaway children from Kony’s Ugandan army

Mighty Times: The Children’s March
USA, 2004, 40', dir. Bobby Houston, Robert Hudson
Child and student protests against racial segregation in the USA in 1963

Nobel Peace Prize: Shirin Ebadi, a Simple Lawyer
France, 2005, 48', dir. Bani Khoshnoudi
Shirin Ebadi, Iranian human rights activist

Orphans of Nkandla
UK, 2003, 48', dir. Brian Woods, Deborah Shipley
The stories of two South African families affected by AIDS

Radovan Karadzic – Most Wanted?
Germany, 2004, 45', dir. Marc Wiese
How is Radovan Karadžić able to hide from the Hague Tribunal?

Russia, 2005, 42', dir. Władimir Gierczikow
Society’s reaction to Mikhail Kodorkhovsky’s court trial

Russian Newspaper Murders
UK, 2004, 59', dir. Paul Jenkins
Freedom of the media in modern-day Russia

Rwanda: History of A Genocide
France, 2004, 100', dir. Raphael Glucksman, Pierre Mezerette, David Hazan
The Rwandan genocide in 1994

Sentenced to Marriage
Israel, 2004, 65', dir. Anat Zuria
Women in Israel fighting for the right to divorce

Sisters in Law
UK, 2005, 104', dir. Kim Longinotto, Florence Ayisi
Two women – a judge and a prosecutor – in a Cameroon courthouse

State of Weighlessness
Poland, 1994, 57', dir. Maciej Drygas
Russian cosmonauts after the break-up of the Soviet Union

The 10th District Court
France, 2004, 105', dir. Raymond Depardon
12 defendants in minor cases before a Parisian court

The Accused
Poland, 2004, 23', dir. Piotr Morawski, Joanna Sławińska
Leszek and Przemek were sent to prison as a result of a judicial mistake

The Children of Leningradsky
Poland, 2005, 35', dir. Andrzej Celinski, Hanna Polak

The Liberace of Baghdad
UK, 2004, 70', dir. Sean McAllister
A famous Iraqi pianist in post-war Baghdad

The Peacekeepers
Canada/France, 2005, 84', dir. Paul Cowan
The chances of the UN peacekeeping operation in the Democratic Republic of Congo

The Women of Mount Ararat
France, 2004, 52', dir. Erwann Briand
A Kurdish female guerilla battalion

This Way Out
Canada, 2004, 32', dir. Jill Burnett
Kahunya, Ana Claudia, Arsian – homosexuals granted asylum in the USA

Tibet – History of A Tragedy
France, 1995, 56', dir. Ludovic Segarra
Tibet under Chinese occupation

Russia/Switzerland, 2003, 16', dir. Antoine Cattin, Pavel Kostomarow
A huge power transformer has fallen from a train

Triumph of Evil
The Netherlands, 2002, 90', dir. Mirko Klarin
case of Radoslav Krstic before the Hague Tribunal

Ukrainian Choice
Ukraine, 2005, 55', dir. Rusłan Gonczarow
Ukrainian society divided into two camps – supporters of Yushchenko and supporters of Yanukovych

Voice of Hope
Poland/France, 2002, 58', dir. Maciej Drygas
Radio Free Europe

We All Are Made of Coal
Poland, 2004, 45', dir. Tomasz Wiszniewski
An amateur filmmaker films his friends working in “poor mans mine shafts”

What Kind of Poland
Poland, 1996, 56', dir. Paweł Kędzierski, Andrzej Piekutowski
presidential elections in Poland in 1995