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Środa, 19 Luty 2014 20:36

About the project

 'The Observatory of Media Freedom in Poland' is one of the HFHR's legal programmes founded in 2008, specifically focused on increasing the protection related to freedom of expression in both traditional media and on the Internet.

The ‘Observatory' undertakes legal actions with regard to strategic cases of Polish journalists and bloggers acting in the public interest, including the monitoring of court proceedingspreparation of the legal submissions (such as amicus curiae briefs) both before national and international bodies. So far, the Programme have run around 40 individual cases providing legal aid, concerning inter alia issues such as criminal defamation, press law offences, protection of journalistic sources of information, the liability of the Internet service providers etc. In the course of the court proceedings, the ‘Observatory’ arranges also professional pro bono legal assistance for journalists who cannot afford regular legal aid. Read more


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